Washing Pesticide Residue from Food

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How to Wash Pesticide Residue from Fruits and Vegetables

Washing Pesticide Residue off Food

Wash pesticide residue off of food using one of the following methods.

One part of either Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Baking Soda, or Salt to 4 parts clean water. 

Soak for a minimum of 15-20 minutes, rinse well.

Porous fruits such as Strawberries should only be rinsed in one of the above solutions as the fruit will bloat with the solution.

It is best to use organic foods of course, however, if you are unable to perhaps see about growing your own.  Just remember what you use to fertilize and water the plants with should be biologically clean and free from pesticides or chemicals, FYI Miracle grow is not organic, clean, or free of chemicals.