Awakening Humanity

Awakening of Humanity

Awakening Humanity

It’s time to wake up from the illusion of the life you have been living.  The time has come where people need to realize they have been fed false narratives and propaganda storylines by media empires for decades.   

The will and rights of the people are being removed unconstitutionally, on a global scale.  The very fabric of humanity is at risk, big tech and the mainstream media are involved in censoring content to further push the agenda.  

It is a fact the 1% (Top wealthy families across the globe) created an agenda based on their conclusion the world had too many people living on it.  It was their plan (Agenda 21), for the good of humanity to reduce the population of the earth by several billion people.

Please visit these links of people and groups to follow to begin to understand just how critical it is to be aware of what is going on in the world as it’s been intentionally hidden from the public. 

Due to censorship on YouTube, many truthers struggle to get messages across so they need to speak in code, they have to beat around the bush. 

Unless you are aware of this when watching these truthers, you will most likely have a hard time following the show. For example, “the cure” is really what is being inoculated into people, (which is not really the cure because there is no cure), Janine uses “the cure”.

Mark uses lollypop or jab for being inoculated. One might wonder why these normal words are being censored because big brother (YouTube and Google) do not want people sharing the truth about the real agenda, e.g. population control, lies about sicknesses, and so on.

American Patriots have created their own platforms to help Americans navigate the current status, who is in charge of the news/propaganda being pushed out, is it all one big lie?

When you can’t trust the news who can you trust when you can’t trust your doctor who can you trust?

Follow the links, listen to the broadcasts, and draw your own conclusions.  These people are speaking up to share the facts and reality of what is really going on in the world. 

Sadly the rights of people across the globe have been removed through big tech platforms (censorship) and mainstream media actors in an effort to gain total control over the public, on a global scale. 

YouTube, Rumble, and/or Twitch.
M-F 10:00 AM, 7:PM

Janine tells it like it is, follow her on YouTube.

We believe in the constitution of the United States of American.
We believe in the right, as human beings in sovereignty, our hands and feet untied, our speech not hindered, our choices, our own. 

Uncensored Platforms:

Telegram is the #1 uncensored platform, it is a messaging website or app where thousands of people have joined to share the truth of what is really going on. 

Word is the end won’t be for everyone, however, those who are aware will be better prepared.

These are groups on telegram, there are Doctors and Nurses from across the world who have been speaking out, however, they are being suppressed by the media, they have a voice on telegram.
Rumble (video site) OriginalMarkZ, Simon Parkes
Bitchute (video site)
Odysee (video site)
Twitch (video site)
YouTube (selective, they censor content, these folks on these platforms actually have to use code words to avoid being removed by YouTube, who is YouTube actually?  Google!)

How was it possible to have a Patent for testing COVID19, from 2013? Either someone had a crystal ball or it was part of the agenda. 
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