Awakening Humanity

Awakening Humanity

Awakening Humanity

What is really going on in the world?


  • Why did Potus travel the globe to meet with world leaders in 2017?

        Game over for the Cabal: The Takedown of the Cabal

  • Cathy O’Brien – MK Ultra  (Mind control program)


  • The Fall of the Cabal & The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal

       Part 1-23

       This link is the link to the series on Rumble. (Start at Part 1 and search for the respective videos in succession).

       Part 24

       Part 25


  • Derek Johnson + Nick V (Follow Nick V on Rumble)
    Law & Order -Military Law- Trump is still the President

  • Out of the Shadows – Reality of Hollywood’s exploitation of children

  • Q News Patriot – SG Anon Audio Files 1- 12 

        Search for the correct audio file number on the following account:

  • Audio File 1 can be found here:

  • Candace Owens: Where did the 80 Million BLM collected end up? (10-12-22)

  • Who is fooling who? Masks? Clones? Trickery, by whom?  (Start at 33:00)


Uncensored Platforms:
Telegram is a messaging website or app where thousands of people have joined various groups or rooms to share the truth about what is really going on in the world, sadly the end won’t be for everyone, however, those who are aware and awake will be better prepared. ( )
(Search for patriot news, this is where most truthers post since none of the content is censored)

The groups listed below can be found on telegram ( along with thousands of other groups.
Groups or rooms on Telegram range from wellness, geo-political, spirituality, real-world news, and more. 

How was it possible to have a Patent for testing COVID-19, from 2013? Either someone had a crystal ball or it was part of the agenda. 
Learn more:

It’s time to wake up from the illusion people need to realize they have been fed false narratives and propaganda storylines by media empires for decades.   (The main problem is most people are unaware they are asleep, Mockingbird media, a program pushing the globalist propaganda narrative to the masses using mainstream media to alter reality)

The will and rights of the people are being removed unconstitutionally, on a global scale.  The very fabric of humanity has been at risk, big tech and the mainstream media are involved in censoring content to push the agenda.  

It is a fact the 1% (Top wealthy families across the globe) created an agenda based on their conclusion the world had too many people living in it.  It was their plan (Agenda 21), for the good of humanity to reduce the population of the earth by several billion people.

Visit the links below to understand how critical it is to be aware of what is going on in the world as it is intentionally being hidden from the public. 

Due to censorship on YouTube, many truthers struggle to get messages across, some are speaking in code to avoid being taken down.

American Patriots have created their own platforms to help Americans navigate the current status, who is in charge of the news/propaganda being pushed out, is it all one big lie?

When you can’t trust the news who can you trust when you can’t trust your doctor who can you trust?

Follow the links, listen, and draw your own conclusions.  

Sadly the rights of people across the globe have been removed through big tech platforms (censorship) and mainstream media actors in an effort to gain total control over the public, on a global scale.