Stem Cell Activation

Activate Stem Cells, Naturally

No Pills, No Needles!

Welcome to the world of Non-Trans-Dermal applications, in other words, patches, small noninvasive patches that utilize the power of your own body.  Proven safe and effective in supporting your body’s Stem Cells.

LifeWave technology provides help with energy, appetite suppression, immune system support, pain relief, inflammation, skin support, and stress relief.  

AcuLife patches have been proven as a useful tool providing instant pain relief for Horses as displayed in this video.

First-time customers receive a full 90-day money-back guarantee, watch the video to learn more about this amazing technology. 

Preferred customers receive wholesale pricing and free samples of Lifewave patches including x39 and a full sleeve of their preferred patch on the 6th month with a monthly subscription fee of $19.95. 

Additionally preferred customers earn 20% back in loyalty points on monthly subscription fees to apply towards the subscription fee.  Preferred customers can earn $100.00 monthly towards products and subscription fees when they refer 3 customers who spend at least $100.00 each in that month.   Points expire annually, the free patch offer for the first 6 months offer expires if the subscription is canceled.   
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Share the stem cell activation and support wellness experience with friends, family, and everyone you know.  Distributors receive wholesale pricing, join the team today, click here to get started.