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Achieving a healthy body begins at the cellular level by removing oxidative stress caused by years of exposure to environmental toxins, including but not limited to chemicals, pesticides, chemtrails, smoke, smog, gas, oil, processed food, medicine, and so on.  

Oxidative stress causes damage to the cells as a result of free radicals running rapidly throughout the body.  Free radicals are on a seek and destroy mission, to penetrate,  and destroy your cellular function.  In order to keep up with the endless attacks, the cells in your body work tirelessly 24 x 7 to destroy, break apart and remove free radicals. 

When the body becomes overwhelmed and inundated with attacking free radicals it begins to break down and is unable to function optimally to protect itself. 

Damage caused by free radicals as a result of exposure to years of environmental toxins alters the body’s ability to protect itself,  in some cases causes an autoimmune response, as a result, the body begins to break down at the cellular level. 

Antioxidants are a direct weapon to fight free radicals, healthy cells have an abundance of antioxidants. 

What can you do, how to ensure your cells are functioning at optimum levels?

At the top of the list is removing exposure to toxins, you can’t very well fix a problem if you continue to add insult to injury.

Pay close attention to the products you use and the food you eat, anything that goes on the body goes in the body, (Lotions, perfumes, deodorants including heavy metals and parabens, anything with petroleum, sunscreen, bug spray, laundry detergent, and so on). 

Stay clear of processed foods, period, including those items processed with synthetic or unnatural ingredients.  Organic is the only way to go, if possible.  If you are unable to access organic food (fresh, whole foods), be sure to wash them to clean off pesticide residue, keep in mind you are what you eat.  How to wash off pesticide residue.  By supporting your cells you are strengthening your immune system.


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