COVID-19-Covid-20-COVID-The Flu

Covid – Covid 19 – Coronavirus

Coronavirus is also referred to as The Common Cold, which is contagious and easily spread if simple, basic precautions are not followed. 

  • RNA containing spherical viruses of Coronaviridae including several that cause respiratory illness.
  • A type of airborne virus accounting for 10 -30% of all colds.
  • A respiratory infection
  • A Common Cold also known as Corona

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Please note: As with all colds, flu’s and respiratory illnesses, prevention is always the first line of defense, keeping your surroundings clean and free of germs is essential. 


Essential Oils are natural germ killers, diffused or applied properly, learn more about essential oils here.

The body’s Immune System is a guard for your body.

Building up your immune system is the best thing you can do to stay well, it is the key to keeping the germs that cause illness at bay, when your immune system is functioning properly, germs do not have a chance to infect healthy cells.

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Removing Oxidative Stress & Free Radicals will keep your cells healthy.