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Intuition - Higher Self

Intuition is an extremely powerful gift that should not be underestimated. However, like all gifts, intuition can be used to cause suffering or great joy and great success.  Some experts believe there are seven senses that humans use to receive information about the world around them.  We have a general understanding that there is a much larger number of brain functions that allow us to differentiate between what we think is real and what is actually true.   Terms such as “Higher Self” are widely used by many who are enlightened, meaning these people are spiritually awake with the knowledge that comes from intuition, which has been channeled into their consciousness through their connection with their higher self, spirit guides, or angel assistance if you may.  

This ability to differentiate between what is possible and what is not possible allows for a tremendous degree of intuition used when we make decisions in our lives.  Some of the best intuition masters sell their secrets to those who need them most.  There are people all over the world who have lost everything partly because they did not take the time to learn proper techniques for developing their intuition.

In some cases, intuition is necessary only when making life-changing decisions such as purchasing a home or committing to a new business.  In other situations, intuition plays a very minor role because the information needed for the decision is already known from within, typically as a result of past experiences.

We all have intuitive abilities in various degrees,  one example would be the gut feeling you get when something is off or danger is nearby.  There are many intuitive individuals throughout the world who are quietly doing great work, these people may not be sharing their findings with the general public because they do not want their abilities to be exposed, their goal is to assist you in achieving your goals of becoming a better person by helping you raise your vibration which in turn raises the vibration of humanity through the collective consciousness of enlightened humans. 

If you are interested in raising your vibration and intuitive skills, research the various websites of successful intuitive experts, mediums, also known as life coaches and spiritual guides.