Energy Healing

By utilizing your body’s natural energy in coordination with certain energetic devices you can alter the vibration of your cells. When your cells are tuned in and in sync, vibrating at a natural healing frequency it is difficult for disease to exist. Visit the Energy Healing pages located under the Body Menu to visit the respective pages.

Quantum Financial System
Energy Healing Removing Negative Influences Thoughts create reality, thoughts are an energy source, when positive intentions are created and realized, negative intentions can be eliminated and/or suppressed.    

Energy Healing Modalities

Energy Vortex
Energy Portals and Vortexes Energy portals, also referred to as wormholes provide for an opening for both good and bad, or negative and positive energy.   This is a difficult concept for many to accept, unless you have been living at a higher frequency you will need to open up your […]

Energy Portals and Energy Vortexes

Crystals – Energy Healing & Balance Crystal Energy provides Healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul by balancing the four major regions of the body. CHAKRA BALANCE: Also known as Reiki or Energy healing.  This balancing of the chakras allows appropriate energy to flow into the cells to distribute energy […]

Crystals | Balance

Tesla Energy
Bio-Healing | Med-Bed | Energy Healing Utilizing authentic Tesla technology with self-contained generators that provide a wave effect of energy.  Generators are placed underneath a bed, cot, chair, or table.  Bio-Healer units can be both stationary and portable,  personal portable units can be easily placed in alternative locations.  Treatment is said […]

Med-Bed | Bio-Healing

tachyon healing
Tachyon Chamber Extraordinary Healing and Harmonizing “Out of this World Technology” Tachyons are subatomic particles with no mass which move beyond the speed of light, these particles have paradoxical effects on the cells in the human body. The ability of the particle’s movement provides the capability of providing a very […]

Tachyon Healing Chamber