The Great Awakening

Waking up Humanity

Raising the Vibrational Frequency to Love

Elevating Humanity

Good vs. Evil sadly is the current state of affairs for humanity, as those with an evil agenda have accelerated their desire to destroy all that is good, which has been their mission for centuries.  Their goal is to divide, conquer, and control all aspects of human existence.  

It is the purpose of this website page to bring awareness and factual content to awaken those who are still asleep and lead them to the truth and light as life is not supposed to be difficult, life is supposed to be a loving and kind learning experience for all of humanity. 

The following websites provide facts, truth, and insight into the status of the current situation facing the world.  Pray for humanity, the satanic global cabal (another word for the evil mob) would rather you keep your head in the sand as the evil attempt to eliminate all that is good in the world.  


Connecting Consciousness – Dedicated to raising people’s awareness with Spiritual context.

Awake 3 Oneness Radio – Metaphysical and Spiritual Awareness.

Channeling Eric  –  Channelled messages from beyond.