Lower Blood Pressure – Naturally

Natural Blood Pressure Remedies

Lower Blood Pressure with Hawthorn Root, Capsaicin, CoQ10 & Magnesium

Why Go Natural?
Many people would rather not be subjected to a lifetime of prescription blood pressure medicine if they had their way.  Most people unfortunately listen to their Doctors, who ultimately are driven by the Pharmaceutical companies, who are not at all interested in making you well, they are only interested in keeping you as a paying customer, remember Sick People = Big Profits.

During the past decade, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that Pharmaceutical Drugs are actually created from herbs, yes the very herbs or weeds you step on when you walk through the woods or mountains.  Herbs are in essence are “Medicine” but most people don’t know this.  The Pharmaceuticals or “Big Pharma”  take these herbs and manipulate them with harmful chemicals and label them as prescription drugs.

The Human Body was designed to use the Natural Plants placed on this earth to grow naturally.  To mix or blend these plants with chemicals to manipulate them to create certain functions in the body is unnatural,  which is why just about every Pharmaceutical Drug has a multitude of side effects.

It only takes a little common sense to realize that adding something unnatural into your body must not be very good for your body.



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