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Crystals – Energy Healing & Balance

Energy Healing

Crystal Energy provides Healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul by balancing the four major regions of the body.

CHAKRA BALANCE: Also known as Reiki or Energy healing.  This balancing of the chakras allows appropriate energy to flow into the cells to distribute energy evenly inside your body. Typically, the same standard technique is used for each of the seven Chakras.

BRAIN BALANCE: Brain balance is for placing your right and left mind hemispheres back to balance. 

CIRCULATORY BALANCE: The circulatory system relates to the movement of fluids in the body. By balancing the circulatory system oxygen can be easily transported throughout the blood to remove toxins. This creates a healthy internal environment leading to slower aging.

NEUROLOGICAL BALANCE: Aligns the meridians, the interior magnetic flow lines of the body. If the meridians of the human body are in balance, you will find fewer energy blockages. You may experience a feeling of energy and your system can more readily carry recovery energy to where it is needed.

It is possible to learn to use crystals for healing your Mind, Body, and Spirit in only a few short sessions. The vast majority of what you need to know can be mastered in an hour and from there on, it’s really a matter of developing your instinctive flow. You’ll also want to learn Techniques to defend yourself from external energies and the transfer of energies from yourself to others. 

In addition to using crystals for your balancing of Mind, Body, and Spirit you may also use crystals for aura scanning, pain, and tension relief.


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