Fast Metabolism Diet

Did I Eat Today…  DIET?

A body in balance is necessary to ward off disease and run efficiently.   The fast metabolism diet forces your body to get into balance by only permitting wholesome non processed natural nutrient-rich foods into your diet which will cause your body to repair itself and speed up your metabolism making it easy to burn calories.

FMD is not a diet its a way of eating food differently for those who are desperate to get healthy and lose weight with whole clean food that is good for you.

The program requires a minimum commitment of 28 days, the necessary time required to fix your metabolism.  Weight loss claims of 20lbs. or more have been documented by hundreds of people.  Many will continue on the program and repeat the 28-day cycles until they reach their goal, in the process, they are healing their body with food from the inside out, it’s remarkable how many people have improved their health, most folks blood work comes back very good after only a few weeks.

There is a great support group on Facebook with files of updated food lists, recipes, and tips.   If you stay on the plan long enough you’ll start feeling great, after the third week you will start feeling lighter.  Once you reach your goal,  go on maintenance if you find your gaining go back on the plan.  Once your metabolism is fixed you’ll burn food calories at a faster pace, you won’t need to feel deprived at barbecues or birthday parties because your body will have the ability to efficiently process food again.

The FMD plan is easily managed by utilizing the FMD App from Itunes or Google Play, the cost is $2.99.


Approved Sweeteners, food does not have to be bland while on the FMD, by using sweeteners that don’t affect your blood sugar you can still enjoy those sweet treats.  Learn more about approved sweeteners here