Nutrition – The main element of the “Body” aspect when you speak of balancing the Mind, Body & Soul, its the fuel in your engine so to speak.


Below is a list of items we have put together of Items that may be helpful to keeping your Body in balance, click through for more information on each item.  As with all new items we introduce to the body, start out with small amounts, less is more start out slow if your unsure.

We cant stress this enough, your body is made up of 70% water, at the cellular level is Water, Salt & Minerals pretty much.   You must be drinking a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day, preferably start the day with 16 oz of warm lemon (organic) water (filtered – reverse osmosis is best as it can remove fluoride and up to 99.9% other elements, metals, etc.)  That is correct, fluoride is not your friend as you have been led to believe.

We will be adding many more items to the list as time allows, thank you for your patience.



Weight Loss

Naturally if you body has to much to process it can’t run efficiently, do the best to loose weight, get your body fat below 5%, at the very least be conscious of what you are eating, stay far away from refined sugar or carbs, stay away from, bread (except Sour Dough in moderation),  rice, wheat & grains also will stop you from loosing weight, minimize your saturated fat intake switch to healthy fats such as grape seed, avocados and coconut always organic if you can, of course.


This is a recipe for Weight Loss Soup, it works but it’s boring but it works!  You can loose up to 50lbs in 6 months if you stick with it and exercise.  Walking daily for 30 minutes is a good start.

Weight Loss Soup Recipe

To insure your metabolism is at it’s peak you may want to think about going on the Fast Metabolism Diet for a few rounds, it will make you loose weight and ultimately repair your bodies metabolism, plus you will learn how to eat healthier. Click here for the FMD page.