Med-Bed | Bio-Healing

Bio-Healing | Med-Bed

Utilizing authentic Tesla technology with self-contained generators that provide a wave effect of energy.  Generators are placed alongside and/or underneath a bed, cot or chair, the various units are stationary and portable,  portable units can be easily placed in alternative locations. 

Treatment is said to reduce and alleviate most ailments; specifically, energy waves produced by the Bio-Healing generators improve circulation through a vibrating energy effect that blankets the body. 

Tesla Personal Bio Energy

Longitudinal 3D waves empower DNA, RNA, and Cellular Membrane to have normal cellular production except red blood cells. Subtle energy is released consistently and protects by neutralizing the harmful manmade electro energy. 

Cell energy reduces fatigue, protects cellular DNA from damage, promotes circulation, facilitates nutrient absorption, reduces inflammation, cleans, and improves blood profile, assists with the regulation of blood pressure, detoxification, and offers no negative side effects.

Not recommended for Pregnant Women and children under 6.


Listen to Jared as he discusses Bio Healing Technology, this video is very lengthy.