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Essential oils for wellness

Stay well and ward off disease with Essential Oils

Essential Oils


  • Essential Oils date back to 3,500 BC, primarily to treat and heal a wide range of symptoms and ailments.
  • Essential Oils are derived naturally from plants and herbs.
  • Essential Oils along with Herbal Medicine are the main source for healing in Ancient Chinese Medicine
  • Inhaling Essential Oils causes the Secretion of Antibodies which instantly releases Endorphin’s & Neurotransmitters and triggers your bodies Immune System

Help others by sharing information about essential oils.  When using essential oils be sure they are only 100% therapeutic grade and verified non-GMO. 

You can purchase clean pure essential oils at wholesale prices when becoming a member, we like to use Doterra and Edens Garden. 

Useful Information – how to purchase wholesale.  Essential Oils Wholesale



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