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Reality Check | Living in 5D

Are you there yet? Waking up humanity


In light of what the last few years have brought to the forefront, it’s clear we are experiencing a shift in consciousness, on a global scale. An enlightened individual can see it clearly and have no fear, these people live on a higher frequency, their perception is to simply be love.

Sadly, the majority are asleep, many live on a very low frequency with their actions being based on fear, it’s very easy to convince someone to do something if you insert fear into the equation.  

It doesn’t help that journalists and the mainstream news media networks, owned by the 1% of the globe have through the years become nothing more than propaganda machines, whose belief it is to direct the narrative to fit their agenda to the point of brainwashing the masses to accept and go along with their plan even if the plan leads to the destruction of humanity as we know it.  


Who is living in 5D?

There are angels among us, you just have to look to find them.

Tarot by Janine

Tarot By Janine

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