Inflammation | The warning sign and response to disease


Is a warning that something is out of sync

There are various ways inflammation rears its ugly head in people’s daily lives, learning to address the symptoms is essential to overcoming illness and disease.



For example, if you have come down with a sinus infection or sprained your ankle, these are two completely different symptoms that would warrant different approaches.  It is necessary to learn the various ways to manage the inflammation for the specific symptom.

For the sinus infection, the goal would be reducing inflammation to the nasal and sinus passages, for the sprained ankle you would look to reduce inflammation to the injured ankle. 

There are foreign elements such as environmental chemicals and pesticides which may attribute to inflammation in the body, these elements can cause havoc on a daily basis.  Eating a diet rich in natural unprocessed food can help your body fight inflammation, this article explains which foods will give your body a fighting chance.

Natural supplements such as Turmeric have been proven to help reduce inflammation in the body.  

Keeping the free radicals in check will help the body’s immune reaction and keep inflammation down, be sure your cells are operating on all cylinders, this will increase antioxidants and destroy free radicals. 

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