Cannabis and Natural Healing

The plant,(literally a weed), is part of the Earth, it grows seamlessly around the Globe without any help from Humans or Machines.  It was obviously placed here to help us heal ourselves, it’s use dates back to biblical times, as it was used in the holy anointing oil recipe.



The plant can be juiced, or made into a concentrated oil for use in healing a multitude of life threatening diseases including Cancer, Diabetes, Crohn’s  as well as helping hundreds if not thousands of those suffering from Epilepsy. Families have been moving to Colorado in an endless stream to get their children treatment for epileptic seizures, after trying for years with anti seizure medications.

It’s a plant that heals, plain and simple.  People need to be educated, the information is out their, just do the research and you’ll be amazed when you realize how much this plant has helped thousands of people heal themselves of serious diseases.

A word of warning, there are many people scamming people on the internet in relation to Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. They claim to have cannabis oil, or hemp oil (not the same thing!) be diligent!

This link is to Rick Simpsons Website, Rick Simpson – Pheonix Tears, any information you need in regards to Rick Simpson Oil is on this Website.

Caution, if you choose to make your own RSO,  don’t use anything other then food grade solvent (Ever-clear). anything else is not worth risking damage to your liver.   Additionally, Coconut Oil (organic, cold pressed) should be mixed 50/50 which helps increase absorption into the bloodstream.